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Adult Parabolic Skis
1 Day $24.50
2 Days $44.50
3 Days $62.50
(Includes Skis, boots & poles)

Each Additional Day

Powder Skis $42.50/Day

Demo Skis $37.50/Day
(Includes Skis, boots & poles)

Adult Snowboard$28.50/Day
(Includes snowboard & Boots)

Snowboard only $22.50/Day

Cross-Country Skis $17.50/Day

Helmets $7.50/Day

Snowshoes $17.50/Day
Child Parabolic Ski
1 Day $17.50
2 Days $30.50
3 Days $41.50

Each Additional Day$12.50

Boots Only $12.50 Per Day

Jr. Board$22.50 Per Day

Demo Ski $37.50 Per Day

Call For Group Rates Of 20 or More
If you make reservations you will receive demo skis and snowboards at parabolic prices